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Win Hexiwear in the Zerynth IoT competition

Zerynth is having a competition for the best real life IoT project. Whoever wins gets our Hexiwear as a prize, and Zerynth compatible MikroElektronika click boards.

The competition has started on December 20 and lasts until February 17, just after Valentine’s day, so you have plenty of time to come up with an amazing project or several.

What is Zerynth Studio?

Zerynth Studio is an IDE for embedded programming in Python or C/Phython, that enables IoT devices. If you go to their website you can download the software for Windows, Linux, and MAC. They have a nice tutorial that explains it all in detail, so take a look.

The Contest

The contest is open to everyone, who wants to build a real life IoT project. The number of projects you can submit is not limited to anything, other than your imagination and drive.

Without further ado, here are the rules:

    1. Your project must use Zerynth and one of the supported boards (you can find the list here).
    2. The project must be a real life IoT device, meaning it should easily be used in everyday situations.
    3. You must submit the project on these two platforms:

Hexiwear is the first prize

The winner of the competition wins a Hexiwear. When the voting is over, the winners will be announced on the Zerynth blog and on the Zerynth Community Forum.

The three most voted projects will get a Flip & click board and other MikroElektronika click boards that are compatible with Zerynth: (LoRa, WiFi Plus, Bargraph, Temp&Hum, I2C 1 Wire, Thumbstick, REED, DC MOTOR, Vibra sense, IR Distance, microSD, RELAY, Motion).

Hexiwear 3D files

If you go to the Download section of the Hexiwear website, at the bottom you will find the complete Hexiwear 3D design files, including the casing and accessories. You can have Hexiwear in any color now, all you need is a 3D printer, we have provided everything else.

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