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Water Detect click – avoid plumbing and water leakage disasters

Our new click board™ can help you avoid a disaster at home. You get home from work one day, and to your dismay, see that a pipe has burst in the bathroom. The floor is covered in water, the appliances ruined your mood in the lowest of lows.

But in the light of the Water Detect click release, let’s imagine a different situation. The same pipe bursts in the bathroom. Water starts spilling on the floor. In that minute Water Detect click’s pad detects the liquid and sends an SMS to your phone informing you of the situation. We suggest using this sensor click in a combination with one of our GSM click boards, perhaps GSM 4 click on a clicker 2 development board.

To see code examples for Hexiwear, visit the GitHub repository page.

Water Detect click

As you can see from the image Water Detect click has a detection pad on the top part. Whenever water or any other electroconductive liquid touches it the output of the MCP606 comparator goes positive and signals the presence of a liquid.

For more information about the click, visit the product page.

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