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Vote for Hexiwear — Maker Madness 2016

Eight development boards have been chosen for the Maker Madness – Best IoT boards of 2016 competition, and Hexiwear is one of them. In less than a months’ time, on January 14, we’ll find out which one is deemed best, by popular opinion.

It’s been a truly great year for Hexiwear, it won four awards. Three of them at ARM TechCon, the worlds’s largest yearly conference for ARM technologies.

This is what Maker Madness had to say about Hexiwear:

“MikroElektronika Hexiwear Wearable Development Kit can be used to create prototypes like a smartwatch, remote sensor tag or smarthome controller. This do-anything device is compact with high-end style and usability.”

You can cast your vote on the hackster.io Maker Madness page, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win one of the eight boards.

The voting poll is open until Saturday, December 31, 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT, so don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to support Hexiwear and vote today.

The Maker Madness competition is brought to you by Mouser, our partner and distributor and Hackster.

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