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Thermo J click – measuring temperatures up to 1200°C

The temperature is dropping, but the number of click boards™ in our range is constantly growing.

Thermocouples are one of the most common ways to measure temperature. They are easy to use and efficient. The new click board™ in our shop uses a thermocouple type J.

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Thermo J click

Thermo J click is a temperature measurement click board™, which uses a thermocouple type-J probe, connected to a PPC-SMP-J onboard connector. The active part of the Thermo J click is MCP9600 by Microchip – a thermocouple EMF to temperature converter, with 1.5°C of maximum accuracy.

The measuring range of this click board™ goes from -150°C all the way to 1200°C. This really depends on the type of probe you use for measuring.

How hot is 1200°C?

We all know that water boils at 100°C and that 36°C is the average temperature of the human body. But what happens at higher temperatures?

841°C is the temperature measured on coals just before people performed the famous Firewalking ritual, and walked across the hot coals.

And what about 1200°C? That is the highest temperature of lava when it’s first ejected from the volcano!

To see the click in action, check the newest video in our click per minute series.

For more information about Thermo J click, visit the product page.

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