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Smart home control with Hexiwear and openHAB

In one of our latest post, we shared a tutorial from Erich (MCU on Eclipse) on how to pair Hexiwear with Raspberry Pi 3. Today we are moving one step further — Erich has a new post about controlling Hexiwear on openHAB.

OpenHAB is an open source platform intended for home automation needs; it allows communication and interaction between different systems.

This time Erich is teaching everyone how to turn LEDs on Hexiwear on/off, using openHAB that’s running on Raspberry Pi. Now, you may think that this is not very useful, but give it a minute, and you’ll see how you could implement it into your daily life.


OpenHAB is a software that allows users to integrate different home automation systems into one solution. It solves one of the larger problems of IoT and smart home systems — managing several apps when you could have a single system.

Smart home control

Managing all your smart home devices with one system makes life easier. So, if you are interested in connecting them yourself, this tutorial with Hexiwear will help you along the way. You’ll no longer need four different apps just to set the lights and the temperature in the room.

Take a look at the Raspberry Pi + Hexiwear tutorial if you haven’t done that already and start thinking of all the things you could do with Hexiwear. Let us know in the comments section what you think or if you know how to improve this particular tutorial.

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