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MikroE is back on Hexiwear!

We at MikroE are happy to announce our return to the Hexiwear website. During our absence, we worked hard to upgrade all of our click board™ libraries. We wanted to make sure that all of them are now compatible with mikroSDK on Hexiwear.

So now, we have over 250 click boards and the accompanying libraries and examples.

Also, we’ve moved all of our click board examples and libraries to Libstock

Click board examples for HEXIWEAR are now available in mikroSDK form.

All you have to do is the following:

  • download a desired Click board library from Libstock
  • install it
  • select the desired HEXIWEAR extension board from the library manager
  • compile and run the example with no additional development needed

Currently supported expansions boards:
–  Docking Station – HEXIWEAR Docking Station
–  Battery Pack – HEXIWEAR Battery Pack
– Workstation HEXIWEAR Workstation

For more details about how to use mikroSDK examples read this tutorial or watch this video.


About Author : Katarina Antanaskovic