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MIC24045 click and Hexiwear – voltage regulation on a display

We released the MIC24045 click only a couple of days ago, but we planned ahead and decided to surprise you with a useful demo with the click and Hexiwear.

Visit the GitHub repository page, to see code examples for Hexiwear.

First thing first is setting up the click on the Hexiwear Docking Station, along with Hexiwear of course. On the voltage input and output screw terminals on the MIC24045 click we attached a programmable DC power supply and a DC load.

The voltage levels are displayed on the Hexiwear screen, as you can see for yourself from the following image:

You can check out the code on the GitHub page.

MIC24045 click

MIC24045 click carries MIC24045 I2C-programmable, high efficiency, wide input range, 5A synchronous step-down regulator.

The MIC24045 on board the click is a digitally programmable, 5A valley current-mode controlled regulator featuring an input voltage range from 4.5V to 19V. It has thermal warning and thermal shutdown.

For more information about the MIC24045 click visit the product page. If you want to learn more about Hexiwear click here.

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