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Measure up to 1000 degrees with the new THERMO K click

We have a new click out, for measuring temperature — THERMO K click.

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Temperature measurement through time

The first known attempt at measuring temperature was made by Galen, around 170 A.D. But the first actual thermometer was made much later, in the 1500’s. It was an air-thermoscope, described in a book called “Natural Magic”. An invention like that must have really seemed like magic at that time.

Range of measurement

But the invention of a thermocouple in the 19th century started a whole new era in temperature measuring. A thermocouple consists of two wires, each made of different metals, that are connected at two points. A voltage is created at the connection spots and it’s proportionate to the temperature difference.

THERMO K click has a PCC-SMP connector onboard, in which you need to connect a K-type thermocouple probe in order to measure temperature. The range of measurement can theoretically go from -200 °C up to +1372 °C.

You can use THERMO K click in projects involving a really wide range of devices, like ovens, water heaters, engines, oil heaters, etc. K-type thermocouples are nickel based and have good corrosion resistance, so they can be used in most applications.

THERMO K click can detect multiple temperature zones because it has 4 alert outputs onboard.

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