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Here’s how to make Hexiwear Qi charging compatible

Erich from mcuoneclipse.com has made an interesting project on how to build a wireless charging system for Hexiwear from Qi receivers he bought at IKEA. He used the Samsung Galaxy S4 Qi receiver.

To begin you’ll need to open the plastic wireless phone cover. Inside you will find the receiver circuit, the battery connector and the charging coil (hidden under the black FFDM).

Once you are done connecting all the wires you can put everything in the 3D printed enclosure. In case you want to 3D print your own Hexiwear casing, front mask and wristband you can download the design files.

Read the whole post to learn the exact process of making Hexiwear Qi charging compatible.

Qi charging

Qi Standard charging relies on electromagnetic induction between planar coils. It is a global standard that many tablets and smartphones today are compatible with. When a device is placed on the Base Station (that is connected to a power source) it begins charging.

Considering that Qi Hotspots are gaining popularity every day, and how easy it is to use one, the knowledge on how to implement it into your device is very useful.

The low power Qi charging system can deliver up to 5W. The medium power version, on the other hand, can go up to 120W.

Take a walk to your local IKEA, get a Qi receiver and see if you can make your Hexiwear Qi Standard compatible. Let us know if you have made any improvements or if you have new ideas.

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