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Introducing New Cloud Support for Hexiwear

As you already know, this May we announced migration of cloud support for Hexiewar. Now, migration from WolkSense platform to the new cloud platform is complete. We’re proud to announce that already today, you’re able to connect your Hexiwear to new Click cloud platform.

Together with our partner company WolkAbout, we are continuously improving Hexiwear, our versatile IoT development tool, to create the best possible IoT toolset and better serve the Internet of Things community. This is why we are thrilled to announce that we are migrating Hexiwear cloud support from WolkSense to ClickCloud, a customized version of WolkAbout IoT Platform, which is built to manage the exploding number of IoT devices in a trusted, security-rich and scalable manner.

Clickcloud as a customized version of  WolkAbout IoT Platform can be observed as an improved version of the WolkSense, designed to offer more features and options for the IoT development. It allows users to easily and securely connect, manage, monitor and control their devices, as well as to visualize, export and analyze the collected data. Also, different actions can be launched on top of the incoming data; for example, users can be notified via email or push notifications if some thresholds are met or if some anomalies are detected.

Of course, this also means that you will have more possibilities for creating your Hexiwear application. These robust new capabilities expand Hexiwear’s core functionality and allow a broader ecosystem of developers and users to leverage the possibilities of device-to-cloud connectivity and real-time data streaming.

You can connect your Hexiwear device today by creating a free account on app.clickcloud.io. Download WolkAbout mobile application from the App Store or Play Store. Also, if you didn’t download the newest Hexiwear phone application please do so from App or Play Store.

To learn more about WolkAbout IoT Platform, visit their official website.

If you want a step by step guide please visit the following link.

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