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Hexiwear Workstation – expands the functionality of Hexiwear

A full-featured board for your favorite IoT tool – the Hexiwear Workstation is available in the shop. It’s the next step is rapid IoT prototyping.

If you are already a fan of Hexiwear, the Hexiwear Workstation will be a natural transition; and if you are new to our small and sleek IoT development tool, be sure to check out the official Hexiwear page, to get acquainted with it.

Amazing connectivity

Buttons, LEDs and three headers for each group of pins – connect your favorite IoT tool to the outside world.

The logic state of all Hexiwear digital inputs may be controlled using the push buttons. Each I/O group has 8 buttons and 8 LEDs. The board also has two reset buttons, which can be used to manually reset the MCUs.

You can learn more about this connectivity arsenal in the user manual.

4 mikroBUS™ sockets

As you can see at the top of the board – there are 4 mikroBUS™ sockets. That means you can add up to 4 Click boards™ into your development equation. Sensors, motor control, transceivers or displays. With over 400 Click boards in our range and the number growing every day, you can do anything.

Audio amplifiers

The Hexiwear Workstation also comes equipped with two audio amplifiers. They are used to amplify the line level sound from the VS1053, a stereo MP3 audio CODEC IC. The amplifiers can deliver up to 675mW of continuous RMS power into two built-in 8-ohm speakers.

Onboard mikroProg

You can program and debug a docked Hexiwear with the onboard mikroProg OpenSDA programmer and In-Circuit debugger.

The programmer allows seamless programming and debugging operations directly from within the mikroC PRO for ARMmikroBasic PRO for ARM, or mikroPascal PRO for ARM compilers.

Breadboard area

The board also contains a breadboard area with the additional 1×52 female header, which can be used for a custom circuit development.

This breadboard area is an ideal solution for rapid prototyping: the components such as resistors, diodes, various ICs, and other can be directly plugged into the matrix of slots and connected to Hexiwear pins with the wire jumpers.

MP3 demo application

Check out the demo application we made – it turns the Hexiwear Workstation into a DIY MP3 player.

Play songs, change tracks with one simple click, turn up or bring down the volume. EnOcean 2 click was used as a controller. While the 8×8 click was used to display the changes.

For more information about the Hexiwear Workstation, visit the product page.

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