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Hexiwear wins prestigious ECN IMPACT Award!

Best rapid prototyping tool on the market, according to the judging panel.

Award season has begun for Hexiwear. The first honor comes from ECN. Hexiwear, was declared the best tool for rapid prototyping. Click here to see the full list of winners.

Here’s more info about the awards:

The 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards are the culmination of a Product Technology Awards history stretching back 60 years. Honoring our rich tradition of highlighting design engineering excellence, the ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the top products and services across the design engineering landscape. The competition seeks to honor ingenuity and creativity among companies large and small who are making a difference in the industry and in the lives of engineers.

While we’re on the subject of awards and prizes, don’t forget to follow the Hexiwear Hackster.io contest. Winners will be announced in two days.

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