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Hexiwear WiFi and 3G examples released

Almost on this exact day last year the Hexiwear Kickstarter campaign reached the 35.000 funding mark. This triggered a stretch goal — creating WiFi examples for Hexiwear and the docking station, to enable users to stream sensor data directly to the WolkSense cloud without a BLE-enabled smartphone working as a gateway.

Admittedly, we stretched the meaning of the word “stretch” in stretch goal. It took us a year to deliver the promised example. But as a consolation prize, we are offering a double-treat: we also released an example that let’s you stream Hexiwear sensor data through the WolkSense cloud using a 3G connection.

The WiFi demo uses Wifi 3 click with the popular ESP8266 module, while the 3G demo uses 3G SARA click with a u-blox module.

In its current version, the examples are available as mikroC PRO for ARM projects. Setting them up requires some edits to the source code (instructions available in the readme file; among other things, it requires you to install a custom version of mikroC available on GitHub).

That said, we also plan to release a version where you can configure the settings from within the application. That way, a precompiled hex file would be all you need.

This example is a collaboration of MikroElektronika and WolkAbout. The project files are available on GitHub.

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