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Hexiwear projects on hackster.io you need to see

Hackster.io is one of the best and largest online platforms hardware development, education, and design. Most likely you have heard of it and visited it many times. But in case you haven’t, visit it right away, you’ll be thankful that we recommended it.

The hackster.io/Avnet section of the website has three Hexiwear articles.

Beginner level

Best to start with the easiest level, like with everything else in life. This project shows how to create a BlueApp application. You will be able to connect to a BLE device and display the name in a browser.

Intermediate level

In the second post of this installment, you will learn how to start reading the accelerometer. The value will be updated in the application every second. Every part of the code is explained, so you’ll have no problem understanding it.

Full app

Here you will find the full application, Blueapp that interfaces with Hexiwear. The application uses angular for the front end.

Click on the following link to see the Hackster.io/Avnet page.

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