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Hexiwear project wins 2nd place at Make with Ada competition

Hexiwear, our versatile development tool, just won again. The project in question is called “Swiss Army Knife” Watch – an application developed in Ada using Hexiwear and the Hexiwear Docking Station.

German Rivera from sunny California, USA won the second place in the Make with Ada competition with that particular project.

Make with Ada competition

“Make with Ada” is a competition hosted by AdaCore for embedded developers. It’s a chance to build cool applications and compete with people from around the world. You can find out more on their official page. Maybe you’ll get inspired and start a project for the next competition.

Perhaps you’re wondering what Ada exactly is. So, here is the run down. Ada is a programming language designed for applications that require sound security and readable and understandable code.

Here’s a fun fact – German also won the second place in this competition last year.

This is what the winner had to say:

“Given the fact that the Hexiwear is a very attractive platform for embedded software development, its appeal can be used to attract more embedded developers to learn Ada.”

You can learn everything about the project, from beginning to end, by clicking here.

For more information about Hexiwear, visit the official page.

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