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Hexiwear, NFC cards and the Docking Station

The Hexiwear Docking Station, NFC click and, of course Hexiwear itself join forces. Take a look at the demonstration video to get a better grasp on the whole concept. Once you turn on Hexiwear you can enable and disable NFC from the settings menu.

Hexiwear Android application

You can launch the Android application with more ease with NFC.

If you don’t have the app you can download it, either from the App Store or Google play.

Your phone should be NFC enabled for all of this. If you are not sure, check out this list of NFC enabled smartphones.

NFC cards

You’ve already seen it in the video above, but here is what happens when you tap a card to the click:

  • Color cards – change the color of the Hexiwear LED
  • URL cards – related URL is been displayed on the screen
  • Text cards – related TEXT is been displayed on the screen
  • Business cards – relates Full name is displayed on the screen
  • Access control cards – display related username and dedicated logo “GRANTED” or “DENIED”

NFC click

NFC click can operate in three modes: Card emulation mode, Read/Write mode, and Peer-to-peer mode.

NFC devices are used in contactless payment systems, electronic ticketing, smartcards, but also in retail and advertising, etc. Tags can be embedded into packaging labels, flyers or posters.

NFC click front

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