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Hexiwear and indoor air quality with WiFi ESP click

Hexiwear is, as always, a great foundation for new inventions. This time around we’ll show you what you can do to get precise information about your indoor air quality, in just a few minutes.

This is what you’ll need: Hexiwear, the Docking Station, WiFi ESP click and Air Quality 2 click.

How it works

Once you’ve got Hexiwear and both click boards on the Docking Station, you need to turn Hexiwear on and wait a few seconds before an IP address appears on its screen.

WiFi ESP click creates a local server, which enables up to 4 people to connect to its IP address.

Type in that IP address in your browser and half of the work is done.

Once you’ve got that IP address open in your browser press the left bottom button on Hexiwear. The left button on Hexiwear turns the RED LED and signals to Air Quality 2 click to give its reading. That reading is then sent to our server.

The right button on Hexiwear turns the RED LED OFF.  For a new air quality reading, just press left button again.

The page will display the levels of VOC and CO2 equivalent gases in the room.

You can download the code for all of this on GitHub.

Air Quality 2 click

Air quality 2 click carries the iAQ-Core Indoor Air Quality sensor that measures VOC levels and provides CO2 equivalent and TVOC equivalent predictions. The onboard sensor is so fast, that you’ll get the results after 5 minutes (start up time).

For more information about Hexiwear see the official page.

NOTE: Make sure to connect to your WiFi AP in order to get a unique IP address for your server.

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