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Hexiwear is going on tour

Hexiwear has gotten more and more popular with time, but it has acquired rock star status as of late. It’s going on tour with Avnet. The NXP® Connected Devices Tour starts on May 2 in Austin, Texas.

NXP® Connected Devices Tour

If you decide to participate in this IoT development workshop you will receive an IoT Gateway with a 7” touch LCD and Hexiwear BLE Kit.

There are two available dates for you to register for:

  • On May 2 in Austin, Texas.
  • On May 3 in Orlando, Florida.

The workshop agenda includes things like creating your own IoT system, selecting the right processor for IoT development, and device to cloud technologies. You will also learn how to connect Hexiwear, what are its components and a bit about the necessary application protocols.

Each of these workshops is limited to 225 registrants so make sure you register in advance if you don’t want to miss it.

Click here for more information.

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