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Hexiwear firmware now available in mikroC

Today we are releasing Hexiwear firmware in mikroC. Editing firmware and writing new code for Hexiwear is going to be easier than ever. Our compilers are designed to make your life simpler.
You can now take full advantage of mikroC PRO for ARM, which has more libraries than you can imagine.

All versions of Hexiwear firmware are available on our GitHub repository.

More than 500 libraries at your fingertips

You’ll have access to 500+ libraries, and all the unique features that they offer. All the Hexiwear source code is yours to use and modify. In addition to all the standard libraries like SPI, I2C, and UART, in our compilers, we have more than 300 click board libraries available. Visit Libstock and browse through them.

Try it out. Open your mikroC PRO for ARM compiler. Start a New Project. Choose the MK64 MCU among the options, and you’ll be on your way to edit the firmware of your favorite IoT development tool.

FreeRTOS, newly added to mikroC PRO for ARM, has a blank project option you can use as well. It is the perfect white canvas for implementing your Hexiwear ideas.

For more information on Hexiwear, see the official page.

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