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Hexiwear dominates ARM TechCon 2016 Innovation challenge winning three awards!

Incredible night for your favorite IoT development tool!

Award season continues for Hexiwear. Last night at ARM TechCon – the worlds’s largest conference for ARM technologies – Hexiwear took home three awards:

– Best IoT product
– Best in Show
– Readers choice

The ARM TechCon innovation challenge highlights the most innovative ARM embedded products developed in the previous year (between October 2015 and October 2016).

In the finals for the best IoT product Hexiwear was in competition with products from National Instruments and Accenture.

The official statement reads:

Designed to reduce time-to-market in the era of connected devices, Hexiwear provides an optimized hardware design and includes several best practices suggested for IoT experts. Hexiwear is compatible with 200-plus plug-and-play boards to inspire a multitude of application ideas and enable application development in minutes. The robust software package includes everything from embedded drivers to cloud connectivity, all open source and easy to use. Hexiwear is a true community-based solution which provides customers with a rich pool of resources available through the community.

ARM TechCon’s conference program is the most important yearly gathering of ARM technology professionals and enthusiasts. This year it has more than four thousand visitors, including those from Facebook, Tesla, Google, TI and more.

This honor is the biggest official recognition for Hexiwear so far.

Special thanks goes to all Hexiwear Kickstarter backers who made all this possible!

Read more about the awards at Designnews.com.

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