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Hexiwear Docking station bootloader update

As Hexiwear is getting mature as a product we are getting more feedback and opportunities to improve it. This time we addressed a marginal scenario: if you plug your Hexiwear into the Docking Station after erasing or corrupting the memory contents of the internal MK64 or MKW40 MCU, the Docking Station’s onboard programmer will automatically go into maintenance mode, preventing you from programming the blank Hexiwear.

There is a workaround to circumvent the maintenance mode. It mostly consists of following a prescribed sequence of manipulating the switches on the Docking Station. We posted detailed guidelines in the troubleshooting section in the Docking station’s Docs page.

Note that this problem will only affect users who have previously bought the Docking Station. As soon as we discovered the issue, we corrected the Docking Station’s bootloader firmware. Future customers will not have to resort to this workaround.

Also applicable to people who already own the Docking station, if you have an external programmer you will be able to burn the new version of the bootloader which we published on Github (make sure to follow the instructions in the readme file).

Again, this issue only occurs if you somehow corrupt or erase the memory contents from Hexiwear’s MK64 or MKW40 MCUs. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about.

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