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Hexiwear and Nokia’s Open Ecosystem

Nokia has a new project platform we thought you will be interested in, called Open Ecosystem Network. You can join an existing project or find a challenge to fulfill. Hexiwear is the best stepping stone you could ask for in a contest like this one.

So, what is it all about?


It’s a platform for creating innovative and exciting projects that lead us to the world of tomorrow.

You can use the Hexiwear for a project similar to the ones submitted on the Nokia community. Browse through a few to get a general idea. It goes from IoT ideas for waste and resource efficiency, to 5G for sports and breaking language barriers.

Now, considering the number of click boards we have in the sensor range (more than 90), you can use Hexiwear with the Docking Station and create something close to the projects we have on our Learn platform. We have a really informational post about Hexiwear and GSM communication that you can check out. For that particular tutorial, we used the GMS 4 click.

Win a free Hexiwear

Participate in the contest and find out if your idea is as good as you think. Hexiwear is going to be the friend you need. Use it in your project, and we will choose the best one and reward it with a free Hexiwear.

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About Author : Lana Vulic