Getting started

You have a do-anything device, but where do you start from? Here are your main resources.

Once you  receive your Hexiwear, the first thing you should do is get to know all its main features, including applications from the built-in firmware, the cloud and the smartphone app ecosystem. Click on the button below to start.

Unboxing and setup

Take full advantage of mikroC PRO for ARM compiler. You’ll have access to 500+ libraries, and all the unique features that they offer. All the Hexiwear source code is yours to use and modify. In addition to all the standard libraries like SPI, I2C, and UART, in our compilers, we have more than 300 click board libraries available. FreeRTOS, newly added to mikroC PRO for ARM, has a blank project option you can use as well.

Check out the firmware in our GitHub repository.


Setup the free NXP Kinetis Design Studio toolchain and Create, Compile, Program and Debug your first Hexiwear project following this step by step illustrated guide.

Hexiwear is also supported by Zerynth Studio, and programmable in Python. Zerynth Studio is a powerful IDE for embedded programming in Python, intended for IoT projects. Try out some of the many provided examples.

Create, Compile and Program your first Hexiwear project in minutes thanks to the ARM mbed OS 5 online toolchain. Hundreds of code examples to build your own project available.

Try the new open-source project of the Linux Foundation. Zephyr is a small, scalable real-time operating system that lets you easily implement advanced security, device management, connectivity stacks and file systems.

Dig deeper — Hexiwear projects on Hackster

See what others have done and get inspire. 50+ Hexiwear projects available on hacskter.

Visit the Hexiwear Hackster contest page to browse various project ideas and watch recordings of Hexiwear-related webinars. Hours of content inside.

If you are already familiar with Hexiwear and compatible tools, proceed directly to the downloads section where are the resources are listed in one place.