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FRAM 2 click – Add 4-Mbit of non-volatile memory

Additional memory is always useful. Another USB stick to store the photos from the latest holiday. An SD card for your phone. Or for example, FRAM 2 click – the freshest thing in the shop this week.

To see code examples for Hexiwear, visit the GitHub repository page.

FRAM 2 click carries the CY15B104Q 4-Mbit (512K x 8) from Cypress. A ferroelectric random-access memory or F-RAM is non-volatile and performs reads and writes similar to a RAM.

Ferroelectric RAM, better known as FRAM is a random-access memory. It’s famous for fast access times and low power consumption. You can use it in all sorts of applications, especially the ones that require low-power consumption.

The CY15B104Q has high endurance – is capable of supporting 10^14 read/write cycles.

But what does non-volatile mean?

To be volatile is to be unstable. So, non-volatile memory is stable and saves all the data even when the power is off. Or to be more precise this type of memory does not need a continuous power supply to retain data.

For more information about FRAM 2 click visit the product page.

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