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    Lana Vulic

    Hello and welcome to Hexiwear’s old page turned into comprehensive Hexi-Hub.

    As I was involved in conceiving Hexiwear as it is now, and contributed to the look and feel of it, let me say that Hexiwear is quite a potent platform for many projects.

    I hereby call you all to discuss your ideas and identify everyday relevant problems which may be solved through Hexiwear as an enabler of innovation.

    For those who don’t know me – my name is Aleksandar Nikolic, the guy in blue sleeved shirt in the Kickstarter video, talking about Hexiwear’s technology inside. I’m currently running Web department, but with lots of interest in product design and usability.

    Hexiwear might not be a consumer product where these skills are essential, but it’s a powerful reference platform, and a great building block for the next successful consumer product you might be designing.

    To sum up – welcome and feel yourself at home here.

    Best regards,



    I have my mother who lives alone and would like to monitor its activities at home without being too invasive. Do you think I could solve the problem with hexiwear?



    Hi iw5cdf
    Hexiwear embeds all the sensors needed to measure your mother activity as well as detect a fall
    Thanks to a phone App running on her phone she could wear Hexiwear as a watch while the sensor data will be send periodically to the cloud over the phone App connected in Bluetooth

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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