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    hi UROS
    we bought an hexiwear kit (docking station + hexiwear watch) we bought an android last version smartphone

    we try successfully to cancel and rewrite hexiwear software last version with no problem encountered
    we connect hexiwear and smartphone successfully ,smartphone display all screens correctly

    the only issue is it seems that no one sensor is “alive” all values displayed are “000’s” on watch oled screen and on smartphone screen !! as if all sensors were disabled or something like

    because our team is yet equiped with MIKROE BASICPRO FOR PIC AND SAME FOR PIC32, MIKRO prog suite for pic ,MIKROmedia for pic 32
    Because we want a full MIKROE tool chain for hexiwear we bought also Mikro Basic for ARM.
    On MKROE web site we can read that MIKROEBasic is fully compatible with hexiwear software BUT nowhere on hexiwear docs we could find mikrobasic routines nor drivers for hexiwear
    what can we do ?
    we choose basic because we are not seasoned “C+”programmers…



    Uros Cvetinovic


    I believe I have answered you on your ticket on this subject.

    You can respond to me there if you want.

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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