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    Extension Shaft Mounted Gear Speed Reducer

    Product structures and characteristics
    ZJY series axial speed reducer uses installation of directly hangs from supporting main machine power input shaft, and leaves out construction platforms of conjoined accessories and speed reducer between them. It is appropriate for bucket elevator, belt conveyor, scraper conveyer, and other devices’ mechanical transmissions. It can fit with other main engines that have this installation requirement as well.
    Products are manufactured according to FB/T9095.1—1999 standard. The driving parts use superior alloy steel material. Gears are processed by cemented quenching and gear grinding technology. Precision is GBl0095—88, six-grade. The product is small in size, with high bearing capacity, long life, low noise and high efficiency. Compared with ZJ series axial speed reducer, with same output torque, the weight of ZJY is just about 30% of ZJ. Therefore it reduces the demand for rack rigidity of supporting main machine, drive smoothly. Besides two-way operation, products can be equipped with back stop device according to user’ needs, to realize one-way braking.
    Product model and label
    All series speed reducers take slow speed center distance (MM) as unit, altogether75、90、106、125\150、180、212、250、300 specifications. transmission ratio of every specification has nine kinds, including 10、11、2、12.5、14、16、18、20、22、4、25.
    Standard designations of speed reducer include model, slow speed center distance, nominal transmission ratio and direction of turning.
    labeled examples

    Boundary dimension of product
    Boundary dimension see Figure(1)A, Figure(2), Figure(3), Figure(4), Figure(5),Table (1) A, Table (1) B, Table (2), Table (3).

    Product Features
    1.The appearance of the gearbox is novel.
    2.The whole machine has the features of small volume, high loading capacity and steady transmission.
    3.The whole machine has features of low noise and high efficiency.
    4.The material of the gear is high strength alloy carburizing steel material.

    Application of ZJY series shaft-mounted reducer
    This product can be widely used in the field of lifting machinery,including bridge crane, gantry crane, tower crane, mobile crane, gantry crane, elevator, cable crane, mast crane and mechanical parking equipment.

    Gearbox processing technology
    According to the ISO9001 international Quality Standard System requirements, company has built up a set of complete, practical and available quality assurance system from product development, manufacture to sale and service, making all places which may affect the product quality and work quality under a strict and effective control. We have Gear testing center, Metallographic microscope, micro hardness tester, CNC gear measuring center.
    The people of DELING not only use sophisticated equipment and technology to ensure work efficiency, but also use advanced precision instruments and perfect quality management methods, to ensure the gearbox parts size precision, making the semi-finished products matching better in the assembly, thus ensuring solid quality of gearbox.

    Packaging and dilivery
    All exported gearboxes covered with Anti rust oil and plastic film, then packed in wood box with Fumigation.
    Why to choose us
    1.The materials of gearbox have been heat-treated to ensure the quality of the product.
    2.Product performance has reached the international advanced level.
    3.Our products meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001:2008.

    1. How can I know my order process during production?
    A:We keep you updated during production by sending you pictures and videos.
    2. How long is your product warranty?
    A: We offer 12 months warranty from departure date of the goods.
    3. What is your terms of payment?
    A: We accept TT, Western Union, Moneygram and Escrow. If you have any request, pls feel free to tell us.Lifting Transport Gearbox factory

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