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    There are two ways to open the inside and inside windows, which can be opened and inverted inside. It can open a gap of about ten centimeters, that is to say, the window can open a little from it, the open part is suspended in the air, and the hinges are connected to the window frame. Its advantages are: both ventilation and safety, because of the hinges, windows can only open ten centimeters of seams, from the outside hand can not come in, especially suitable for the use of no one in the home.
    The advantages of inner opening and inverted windows:
    1, when the interior does not occupy indoor space, the curtain can be opened freely, and the lifting hanger will not conflict with the window sash.
    2, children can play freely when they fall inside, you can also clean the room with ease, and don’t worry about the window corner hitting your head or body.
    3, children play on the windowsill and there will be no danger of falling out of the window.
    4, in the interior, only in the room before closing the window to open the state, so you do not have to worry that the thief will enter the room through the pry window, when you go out, you can open the hanging, always keep the indoor air fresh.
    5, indoor ventilation indoor ventilation, natural ventilation, the wind is blowing from the side of the window, not directly blowing the body, make you feel more comfortable.
    6. When the breeze is drizzle, the raindrops will splash onto the glass and will not splash into the room.
    Customized Aluminum Casement Window

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