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    The three-dimensional elastic filler is developed on the basis of soft fillers and semi-soft fillers, and it has the advantages of both. The structure is to change the plastic wafer crimping into a double-circle large plastic ring, and press the hydroformyl fiber or the polyester filament on the ring of the ring to uniformly distribute the fiber bundle; the inner ring is a snow-like plastic branch, which can not only hang the film It can effectively cut bubbles and increase the oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate. The water-gas biofilm is fully exchanged to efficiently treat the organic matter in the water.
    Three-dimensional elastic fillers can be used to screen several high-quality products with corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance in polyolefin-based polyamides. It is blended with hydrophilic, adsorptive, anti-thermal oxygen and other additives, using special brushed and silk. The process involves inserting and securing the strip to a corrosion-resistant and high-strength centerline. Due to the excellent material selection and process formulation, rigidity and soft adaptability, the threads are arranged in a uniform and uniform radial state, and the suspension of the three-dimensional elastic filler monomer is prepared. The filler can be uniformly and evenly stretched in the effective area so that the gas, water and biofilm can be thoroughly mixed and exchanged, and the biofilm can be uniformly implanted on each line to maintain good activity and voids. It is variably capable of achieving a larger specific surface area during operation and achieving good metabolism. This feature and phenomenon is unmatched by other domestic fillers.
    1. Long service life
    2. Good oxygenation performance
    3. Low power consumption
    4. Start the film fast, release mold is easy to update
    5. High load resistance
    6. Easy operation and management
    7. Low price
    It is widely used as biological filler in biological contact oxidation tank and hydrolysis acidification tank. As well as sewage, wastewater treatment engineering, supporting equipment such as contact oxidation tower, oxidation tank oxidation tank, etc., it is a biological carrier for biological contact oxidation and anaerobic fermentation treatment of wastewater.cheap Bio Filter Media

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