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    Shanghai Maiyi Culture And Arts Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China artistic sculpture-drafts comparison manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy cheap and wholesale high-quality artistic sculpture-drafts comparison from our professional factory. And if you are checking price, in China, or artistic sculpture-drafts comparison for sale, please feel free to contact us.
    Expansion words:arts&crafts/statuary art/resin crafts/ Chinese art/Art installation/Modern art sculpture
    Wax Statue:
    Item Name:Artistic sculpture-Drafts comparison
    Model NO:AS-7
    Material :silicone & resin
    Type:Artistic sculpture
    Usage:Museum display; Art & Collection;Exhibition
    Size:Life size
    Color:Nature color
    Origin:Shanghai China
    Packing:Wooden cases
    Delivery Time:45 Working Days after deposite received
    Payment terms:T/T
    Trade Terms:FOB Shanghai
    Difference between silicone statue and traditional wax works:
    TypeSilicone statueTraditional wax works

    skinthe surface close to real man’s skin the surface skin is simple treatment,looks not so well
    colorpermanent colorimpermanence color
    make upmelted into silica gelpainted cover the surface
    characterelastic,can be touched and kneadable directlyfragile, touch is for bidden
    Dealingcan be washed & scrubbingonly can be wiped lightly
    storagenormal temperaturecan’t be too hot or cold, around 22°C
    Our Production process-Sample as below buddha statue:
    1.Acquired data
    ·Collect the picture & age of the related people, including front, left side, right side, and 45 degree angle , 4pictures is better
    ·Dynamic graph is provided if necessary, to show demeanor ,gesture etc, body movement.
    ·please also provide historical background, personal trait& cloth material of the related person
    2.Create clay figurine
    Our sculpturer create the first draft by the clay based on the above datas, which decide the final works as lifelike or not.it needs 8-10 days around, example as a whole head statue
    3.The wax draft comes out by copy clay figurine, which need to be further repaired
    During this process, the human face and skin is the key, specially on eyes and ears. the similarity degree mainly be charged by the sculptor’s exquisite workmanship. 4-6days be needed.
    4.Hair implanting and make up, clothing
    This extremely meticulous work needs about 8days for hair implants, including eyebrow, hair, mustache, etc.
    Making up is to strengthen the authenticity, like skin, vessel.
    The cloth mainly cover the simple body, to reflect the whole effect.
    5.The final result
    buy resin crafts

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