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    co2 laser cutting engraving machine
    we strive to provide the perfect solutions for the cutting and engraving requirements of different industry verticals. Our laser engraving and cutting machines offer the most practical and affordable solutions with the highest levels of precision and quality.
    These machines can be used for cutting:
    1. Acrylics
    2. Leather
    3. MDF
    4. Fabrics
    5. Plastics
    6. Rubber
    7. Plexi glass, etc.
    We presents 5 models, namely BKJ-6040, BKJ-6090, BKJ-1209, BKJ-1390 and BKJ-1610, of single head cutting machines driven by laser technology. These machines are made of the best quality products and require low maintenance and handling costs. Hey can be used in diverse work areas for giving the most satisfactory results at all times.

    Standard Features:
    Visible red dot pointer- Red light positioning device indicates the location of laser head and eliminate the trouble about manual positioning.
    Air assist- with air assist, you can remove the combustible heat and gasses from the cutting surface, thus you will have a better cutting quality.
    LCD panel Crystal display for the friendly interface and make the operation more convenient and flexible to use.
    Top quality optics Imported silicon reflectors with a wavelength of 10.6 micrometre and diameter 25.4mm to give better efficiency.
    Motion control system The laser controllers, RD 4.23 allow the system to work faster and have a much better cutting and engraving quality.
    Water protection This feature protects the laser tube when the water cooling system is not working.
    Pass through door design This design feature helps to cut the long materials which longer than the machine itself.
    Honeycomb design work table to give better vaccum to hold the material. Click here for technical specifications of chiller.
    Work Together With BAOKUN
    1. BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Let your after sale service cost down 30%
    2.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Let your customers reorder rate improve 50%
    3.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Let your business fellow the CNC market development direction
    4.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Delivery on time let your business Progress smoothly
    5.BAOKUN CNC SOLUYION Give all time technology support
    6.Once time order 3-6 sets have 2%-5% discount

    After sales service and warranty
    After sales service24 hours technical support by Email or Calling.
    Service mail: service01@baokun-cnc.com
    Service tel: +86-18678090742
    Skype: kevinqu5
    English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining.
    Hardware: 1 year on all parts and labor.
    Software: Whole life on update for free.
    Maintenance and technological support: Whole life.
    Quality control1. Strict control machine assembly each link, ensure the machine clean and beautiful.
    2. 48 hours continuous working before the machine leaving factory, ensure the high quality of each machine.
    Customer supportService timeMonday to Sunday
    Service tel+86-18678090742
    Service mailService01@baokun-cnc.com
    Service skypeKevinqu5buy CO2 Laser Machine

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