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    Hello there Hexiwear Community!

    I want to build a project that makes use of the 802.15.4 compliance of Hexiwear in order to communicate it with some wireless sensors that use the same standart, while mantaining the interface and functionalities that Hexiwear comes out of the box with. Ive modified both the MK64 project and the KW40Z one in order to prepare them for what i want. Now I have to import the 802.15.4 stack to that Hexiwear_Bluetooth project and Im not quite sure how.
    I know the Connectivity Software has some examples of 802.15.4, but Im not sure how i can transport that code to the Hexiwear project and make it work.
    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance for the help


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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