Selection of downloadable resources and links

Hexiwear Firmware

GitHub repository featuring firmware source code

Hexiwear Documentation

Collection of essential information to get you started quickly

Kinetis Design Studio

NXP’s C compiler and IDE.

Kinetis SDK

Software Development Kit for Kinetis MCUs

PyOCD add-on for Eclipse

Python 2.7 based library for programming/debugging ARM MCUs

mikroC PRO for ARM

MikroElektronika ANSI C compiler with over 600 libraries included.

Hexiwear iOS App

iOS App created by Wolkabout required for OTAP and Hexiwear Setup.

Hexiwear Android App

Android App created by Wolkabout required for OTAP and Hexiwear Setup.

Smartphone App Source Code

GitHub repository containing the source code for Hexiwear smartphone apps.

Hexiwear 3D files

Complete Hexiwear 3D design files including casing and accessories.