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Build your own Hexiwear Healthcare Tracking System

Our versatile development system seems to be inspiring some awesome projects. The newest one is oriented towards health – a Hexiwear Healthcare Tracking System.

Build your own health tracking system

Mehmet, an embedded system engineer and a blogger on Design Spark has published the first part of a tutorial on how to build a Healthcare Tracking System for Dementia Patients and Elderly. The basic idea is since healthcare and fitness wearables are getting so popular lately, why don’t you build one yourself.

It’s mainly intended for elderly people, so they have a system that notifies an emergency service if they faint.

How does the system work?

The first step in the working of the system is the detection. Hexiwear will detect if the person has fainted with the help of a simple algorithm, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. If a sudden movement is followed by a long motionless state, the system will inform the emergency service that the user has fainted.

Read the rest of the tutorial here, and find out how to build your Hexiwear Healthcare Tracking System.

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