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2x5W AMP click – a power efficient class-D amplifier

We have a new amplifier click – 2x5W AMP click. It features the TDA7491LP 2×5-watt dual BTL class-D audio amplifier.

Since class-D amplifiers dissipate less heat than A and AB kinds they are very suitable for mobile phones, wireless or Bluetooth speakers, smart portable devices, etc.

Out of the three operating modes available (play, standby and mute), standby mode is the most power efficient one.

2x5W AMP click has two pairs of screw terminals for connecting passive speakers and a 3.5mm input jack, so you can connect it to your computer perhaps.

Click on here to see code examples for Hexiwear on the GitHub page.

Audio and Voice range

Take a look at other click boards™ in our Audio and Voice range. StereoAmp click and AudioAmp click are similar to 2x5W AMP click. Text To Speech click will help you make a portable device that can talk in English or Spanish, and Noise click is really handy if you want to take up a project where you need to detect a certain level of noise.

For more information about 2x5W AMP click see the product page.

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