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New Hexiwear demo with GSM/GNSS click

The new Hexiwear demo with GSM/GNSS click tells you Hexiwear’s exact location in an SMS.

GPS location with Hexiwear

Once you turn Hexiwear on, there will be a few pre-written messages you can choose from, like “call the doctor” or “I need your help”. For example, an elderly person with health problems could send for help this way in a time of need.

Just take your phone with you, and you’ll get an SMS with the precise information about the location of your elderly parents, or your child.

First, you will receive a link in the SMS. Click on the link and it will take you to a spot on google maps. It’s as easy as that. Anyone can use it.

You can even remind someone to go to the grocery store, and send “buy bread and milk”.

GSM/GNSS click

Combine the power of GSM, GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) and Bluetooth and what you get is the GSM/GNSS click. The click carries the MC60 quad-band module from Quectel.

For more information on GSM/GNSS click take a look at the product page.

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