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16×9 G click – green LEDs, light intensity and music

16×9 G click is our new click in the display section. It has 144 green LEDs (as the G in the name implies).

The fun thing about it is that each LED can be individually controlled, and not just for ON/OFF control, but light intensity as well.

You can set the light intensity for individual LEDs, and individual frames.

See the code examples for Hexiwear at the GitHub repository.

Music and light intensity

Find a song with a good beat and modulate the light intensity of the 16×9 G click with that audio. You can play the 8 available frames on the LED driver to the rhythm of the music. The driver plays the first frame when the value is the smallest and plays the eighth frame when the value is the biggest.

Quantity discount

Maybe you need more than one 16×9 G click for your project. Maybe you need ten, or twenty. No matter how many you are getting, once you put them in the cart, you can always see how much you’re saving. Of course, this applies to all our products.

For more information about the click check out the product page.

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